Here are the top 5 tips we give out to residential customers looking for Locksmith help:

  1. WHEN YOU MOVE INTO A NEW HOME. Always, ALWAYS, replace or re-key your locks when you buy a new house. You never know who has previous copies of keys.
  2. DEADBOLT LOCKS. Install a deadbolt lock for superior home protection, but make sure that it has been installed correctly. Many contractors don’t know how to install locks the right way, so call us to help you for best results.
  3. WINDOWS NEAR DEADBOLT LOCKS. If there is a window near where you have a deadbolt lock, note that a criminal could break that window to try and unlock the deadbolt. A way to outsmart that type of crafty criminal would be to employ a double cylinder lock that needs a key.  It then goes without saying….don’t leave the key sitting in the lock but you may want to keep one near by in the case of a fire!
  4. DOORS. If you really want to guard what’s behind that door – make sure it is a sturdy, solid door made of solid wood or steel. If the door is weak, flimsy, or hollow, it can be taken out by a strong criminal kicking it or breaking it down.  To properly guard the premise, a lock by Whitlow’s needs an solid door.
  5. DON’T LEAVE A KEY WHERE SOMEONE WILL LOOK. Never, ever, hide your door key under the door mat!  Come on, do you really think you’re the first person to use that hiding place? That is like leaving the keys to your car on the sun visor.  If a criminal wants to get into your home, they will search obvious places for a spare key.  They will check doormats, pots, planters, mailboxes, rocks, and fake rocks because those are all very common ways of hiding a spare key. You could try hiding a key somewhere more conspicuous that is further away from your door and more protective.  Or even better, give the spare to a friend, relative or a neighbor you trust a lot!